Disabilities and Accommodations in Higher Education

A Handbook For Disability Advisors.
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About This Book

This book fills a significant gap that has existed within the field of disability advising in post-secondary institutions. Prior to this publication, there was no textbook that provided comprehensive coverage of topics exclusively pertaining to disability advising as a profession.

Although the chapters are written from a college disability advising
perspective, with a primary focus on personnel who serve students in disability service offices (DSO) it is also useful to rehabilitation counselors, veterans student office personnel, academic advisors, and social workers whose clientele include transitional and non-traditional students. Indeed, it is particularly useful to students and graduates of rehabilitation counseling programs, including Certified Rehabilitation Counselors ( CRC) who may want to work in disability service offices as an alternative to pursuing employment in traditional rehabilitation counseling settings.

The goal of this book is to provide disability advisors with current
information on all topics relevant to the profession. Starting with an in-depth definition of disability, the book covers psychological and social aspects of disability, disability laws in higher education, methods of assessing and evaluating disabilities, the process of determining appropriate accommodations, common types of disabilities, types of accommodations available in higher education, assistive technology, universal design in education, self-advocacy skills, and service animals, among many other pertinent topics.

It is our expectation that this book will serve not only as a comprehensive resource for all who work with students with disabilities in higher education and transitional settings; but also, as a means of helping to define disability advising as the distinct profession it is, by highlighting the body of knowledge specific to the profession.

Chapters & Topics


CHAPTER 1: Defining Disability

CHAPTER 2: Psychosocial Adaptation to Chronic Illness and Disability

CHAPTER 3: College Students with Disabilities

CHAPTER 4: Disability Laws in Education

CHAPTER 5: Disability Services Office

CHAPTER 6: Association of Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD): Background, Current Issues, and Possibilities for the Future

CHAPTER 7: Office of Civil Rights: Role and Impact on Disability and Accommodations

CHAPTER 8: Determining Eligibility for Accommodations

CHAPTER 9: Educational Evaluations

CHAPTER 10: Cross-Battery Assessments

CHAPTER 11: Assessing Cognitive Functioning: The Neuropsychological Evaluation

CHAPTER 12: Disability Accommodations in Higher Education

CHAPTER 13: Universal Design in Education

CHAPTER 14: Perspectives of Students with Disabilities in Higher Education

CHAPTER 15: Faculty Perceptions of Students with Disabilities

CHAPTER 16: Parental Involvement in Higher Education: Social capital in education transition planning

CHAPTER 17: Dual Enrollment Students with Disabilities

CHAPTER 18: Residential College Students with Disabilities

CHAPTER 19: Supporting Veterans with Disabilities in Higher Education

CHAPTER 20: Minority College Student Populations with Disabilities and Accommodations

CHAPTER 21: Access for Graduate Students with Disabilities

CHAPTER 22: Academic and Career Advising for Students with Disabilities

CHAPTER 23: Counseling: Students with Disabilities

CHAPTER 24: Self-Advocacy Skills for Adults with Disabilities

CHAPTER 25: Assistive Technology

CHAPTER 26: Service and Assistance Animals

CHAPTER 27: Distance Learning for Individuals with Disabilities

CHAPTER 28: Transitions for Students with Disabilities

CHAPTER 29: Integrating Equity-Minded Pathways in Higher Education

CHAPTER 30: Disability Advising

Glossary of Disability Terms.

Chapter Authors

Travis S. Andrews, Ph.D., LPCC-S, NCC, CRC, BC-TMH. - University of Kentucky

Brenda E. Avilés, Ph.D. - University of North Texas

Michael Bailey, Ph.D. - Saint Leo University

David T. Beach Ph.D., CRC. – University of Kentucky

Maegan Ballard Beasley, Ed.D. - Baylor University

Muna Bhattarai, Ph.D., RN. - Texas A&M University

Rebecca Cagle, MS, ATHS. - California State University, Northridge

Jing Cao, Ph.D., M.S. - University of Wisconsin Madison

Suzanne Chase, M.Ed. - Collin College

Shengli Dong, Ph.D. - Florida State University

Lisa Dunkley, Ph. D., CRC. - East Tennessee State University

Karen M. Falla, Ph.D. - University of North Texas

Katherine Friedman, Ph.D., CRC. - Portland State University

Saara Grizzell, Ph.D., CRC., LPC. - University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Kristine Gonzalez, M.S. LPC-Associate. - University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Alicia Guevara, M. Ed. - Lone Star College System

Brett T. Haduch, Ph.D. - Alvin Community College

Debra A. Harley, Ph.D., CRC, LPCC-S. - University of Kentucky

Marilyn Harren, M.S. - Collin College, (Former President, AHEAD Texas)

Charlene Harris, Ph.D. - State University of New York at Oswego

David Hernández-Saca, Ph.D. - University of Northern Iowa

Rebecca Houser, M.S. - Texas Woman's University (Director, Blank Slate Therapy)

Hyun-Ju Ju, M.Ed. - University of Kentucky

Julia Rose Karpicz, Ph.D. - University of California, Los Angeles

Benson Kinyanjui, Ph.D., CRC, CCM, ABDA. - Collin College

Allison Levine, Ph.D., CRC. - University of Iowa

Tori Livingston, M.S., LCDC - University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

George Mamboleo, Ph.D., CRC. - West Virginia University

Bradley McDaniels, Ph.D., CRC. - University of North Texas

Jennifer Miller, MRC, CRC, LPCA. - University of Kentucky

Barbara Uzoamaka Okori, M.S. - University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Laurie Peterson, M.Ed., MA, LPC. - Diagnostic Learning Services

Georgina Rivera-Singletary, Ph.D. - Saint Leo University

Stuart Rumrill, Ph.D., CRC. - University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Dallas Swafford, Ed.D. - Angelo State University

Catherine Troop, Ph.D., LPC, LCADC. - Kentucky State University

Veronica I. Umeasiegbu, Ph.D., CRC., LPC. - University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Marissa Williams, M.Ed. - Collin College

NB: Some author credentials and affiliations have since changed and may be different from the listing in the book.

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Available in print and electronic formats
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